Saturday, December 4, 2010

...a year-and-a-half later...

I do NOT want you to fall over in shock, so I hope you are sitting down. (most likely you are if you are at your computer :-D) There is no need to pinch yourselves, you are NOT dreaming. I updated my blog!

I am setting at Cuppy's Coffee enjoying a cranberry-apple muffin and a cup of black magic. (highly recommended by the way) Meanwhile, I am sitting inside where its warm drinking my coffee and watching our first big snowfall of the season. It is indeed begining to look a lot like Christmas and feel like it, too.

Watching people tread down the snow-covered sidewalks shielding their eyes from the snowy blast makes me wonder what was so important to them today that they battled through weather and traffic to fill their shopping bags. To be honest, the longer I sit here and the faster the snow is falling the more eager I am to go buy a few Christmas presents, myself. They are probably just beat me to the punch. If you've started your Christmas shopping you're already a step ahead of me. (before you leap out of your chair with excitement that's not too hard to do sometimes)

I hope this Christmas finds you in good humor. (hehe) As I reflect over this last year and all that has transpired, I am reminded of the things in life that really matter. The Intangibles. (for those of you with A.D.D.) We are so blessed! This Christmas lets not forget the One from whom these blessings come!

Merry Christmas!!

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